Dynamic forces rend the air while indigo and crimson ponies explode on canvas.

Equine artist Christine Lorenz boldly creates with vivid color and generous paint, in her own evocative style, a moment in time captured.  Other scenes are more sedate and pastoral in feeling while still carrying the intense impressionist colors of her palette.

Her studio is nestled in a bowl of green at the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains.  Large picture windows let in the light, the sun rises in the east over the pasture casting long violet shadows toward the house.

Late in the day, through the woods shadows cast again toward my studio.  To the south are the paddocks where Dixie, a chestnut Welsh pony, and Jelly Bean the palomino relax under the cedar and yellow poplar trees.  Ginger and Stormy, the two aged shetlands wander at will through the orchard that surrounds the house.

"I've always considered the atmosphere as a kind of soup, with more body and energy that the thin air we are taught to believe in", she says."The electricity that is created before and during a storm is palpable.  We humans barely acknowledge it exists, full moons, gravitational pulls, and atmospheric changes affecting our behaviors.  The animals feel the pull and excitement of the forces we are taught not to see.  I try to bring that excitement and freshness to my work"