Eccentricity is a term used for the rich, which I am decidedly NOT...
So I must be insane.
But Van Gogh was insane, and he was a pretty good artist, so I'm hoping that I can't be too far off the mark...
And I have two ears...

On these pages, you will find two types of art work:
1) Fine, freehand embroidery - Delicate, Lacy, Precise

2) And, Impressionistic oil paintings - These can be either Hard, Bold and Stacatto, or mimic the embroidery style.

Being a single mother, I suppose that both sets of characteristics have been necessary in raising a child. I pray I have been successful with both (art and child). Time will tell.

Both of these types of art are available as Custom commissioned work and prints of existing work.

I do hope you enjoy your tour through these pages. 

Linger a bit. And if you find something you like, consider buying it (see contact page, or see the form at the right, under the Etsy banner). 
I and my wallet (somewhat slim at times) will thank you.